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Why I Wrote This Book

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The 3 reasons I wrote this book (and the unexpected benefits)

People keep asking me if I’ve always wanted to write a book and why I decided to do it now. The seed was planted a few years ago as I came through the other side of burnout, but all the typical things had held me back – lack of clarity, lack of time, and plenty of fear.

In 2019, my purpose became significantly clearer and as a result, the fear started to reduce. I didn’t have any more time than before, but it became a priority and so I got started straight away. It’s funny how you can make things happen when something just clicks into place.


My 3 reasons for becoming an author

When I distill it right round I believe there are three reasons why I wrote this book.

1. A personal and important story to tell

Several years ago I experienced the full-force of burnout as years of living life at an extreme pace and under constant pressure took its toll. My body telling me “no more” felt like an overnight change, but it clearly wasn’t. It had been building for a long time – years not months.

The impact was debilitating and life-changing and forced a long-hard look in the mirror. Having moved through it and come out of the other side smiling and more content than I’ve ever been, it felt like there was a story to tell. My real story rather than that I’d presented to the outside world for so long.

I now firmly believe that I can have it all without having to sacrifice my personal life, my wellbeing, and my happiness. And I believe that is the case for everyone.

2. A passion for helping others

I have a deep passion for helping people thrive and succeed; it gives me an enormous amount of satisfaction to do so. I see so many people – friends, colleagues, clients – who are really suffering from the effects of chronic stress and just can’t find a way out.

I feel determined to help reduce the incidence of burnout and enable people to live fulfilling lives. I do this largely through 1-2-1 coaching, along with presentations and workshops. However, I know this isn’t accessible to everyone who needs it and so I wanted to provide something that can be easily accessed and used.

3. Leaving a legacy

There’s something quietly satisfying about knowing my written words will be around for longer than I am. It feels timeless, like you’re creating a minuscule piece of history. And living now, in the hope that my experiences, efforts, and words could help someone else, gives me a feeling of real joy.

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The unexpected benefits

Interestingly, there have been LOADS of unexpected benefits from the book-writing experience. When you read the book you’ll see that I talk about understanding what brings you joy and seeking it out regularly. What I didn’t expect was that writing this book has brought me significant joy on a regular basis, and here’s why.

Cathartic Experience

Writing has been an extremely cathartic experience, for more than one reason. Of course, writing about my own personal journey has been very therapeutic. Being brutally honest and authentic about my experience has felt liberating.

But also I have discovered that I enjoy writing. With two degrees, a diploma, and a gazillion work reports and presentations behind me, the thought of writing quite honestly filled me with dread. What I’ve found, however, is that it feels different when it’s your book and the creative license is all your own. It’s not going to be marked by an assessor or critiqued by a manager. It’s just me, my thoughts, my experiences, my words.


During this process, many other people have shared their story with me and clients have willingly volunteered for their journey to be shared in the book, and that has been a huge privilege and something which I will forever treasure.

I have met new people and even feel like I’ve become part of a community of authors – others just like me, wanting to share their story and help others.

And the support – well, what can I say? The support from my friends and family, from colleagues, from associations on social media, even from strangers I happen to end up talking to, has been unbelievable. It’s a major talking point and I can feel the genuine support coming my way.


Looking back I find it strange that I didn’t set out to write this book to achieve a sense of personal pride. I honestly had no idea what it would feel like to have completed the process and be sat here with my book in my hands. But let me tell you, the sense of achievement is off the charts, and the feeling is an extremely welcome bonus.


Adventure BeginsHave it all without burning out – the book

Written for those people who want to thrive in all areas of life without the sacrifices that can often accompany that. The book is a combination of powerful stories, professional insights, practical guidance and loads of encouragement for you to make those small changes that can make a significant difference. It’s not a textbook of how to live the perfect life – it’s a real, pragmatic and simple approach that can facilitate you being your best in amongst your busy life.

Pick up your copy now!

I’d love to hear how you get on with it.