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Creating clarity through coaching

Why bother with coaching?

You can chat to your mates, your work colleagues are always giving you advice, and you’re a pretty good problem solver, so why bother investing time and money with a coach?

It’s a valid thought process, and I’ll be the first to say that coaching isn’t needed by everyone, all of the time. But it is hugely beneficial to the right people at the right time.


What is coaching?

In the most simple terms, I describe coaching as a partnership which helps you make changes to achieve your objectives. It’s about discovering what you want, and helping you get there. It’s a process where you’re in charge and only you make the decisions based on what’s right for you. It can be liberating, empowering and enormously rewarding.

A coach is someone qualified and experienced to support you in achieving your objectives. They are not giving you the answers or telling you what to do; they are expertly assisting you in finding your own direction and answers. It’s a partnership involving meaningful dialogue that helps you get to where you want to be.


Coaching helps change and improvement


Who is coaching for?

People typically with an objective in mind, for example:

  • A specific life or work goal you want to achieve, or a change you want to make
  • A problem you’re grappling with and struggling to breakthrough
  • Feeling lost and/or stuck and wanting to be able move forward
  • A challenging relationship or situation that’s affecting you and getting in your way
  • Working on a development area that’s been shared with you or focusing on self-improvement
  • Getting ready for a life event such as a new role or a promotion, returning to work after a period of absence, starting a life in a new place, and so on.

Coaching topics are endless, although change and improvement are usually at the heart of it.

The people I see really benefiting from coaching are those who embrace the whole process. They give of themselves, they are willing to dig deep, consider challenge, and be open and honest. They reciprocate the coach’s approach to working in partnership and they take responsibility for their destiny.

And that’s where the magic happens!


What benefits can you expect from coaching?

It’s fair to say the benefits will be unique for everyone, but let me tell you the common elements that come up.

#1 It’s non-judgemental

People often start a sentence with “I’ve never told anyone this….” and there’s good reason for that. When you are with a coach you are in a non-judgemental space. You don’t have to worry about what the other person thinks because your coach is only interested in you.

#2 It’s all about you

When you’re chatting to your mates or work colleagues it’s a 2-way street. When you’re in a coaching environment it’s 100% about you. No-one else, just you. And your coach is wholly focused on supporting you in achieving your objectives in the way that’s right for you.

#3 You have space to think

In today’s busy and ever-occupied lives people don’t really have the space to think in structured and focused manner. And when you combine that with some powerful and insightful questions from your coach, having space to think is pure gold.

#4 No hidden agenda

When you’re chatting to your family, friends or a work colleague, they will have some form of agenda for the advice they are offering. This isn’t a manipulative observation, it’s simple human nature in how our relationships are formed and maintained. The only agenda the coach has is to serve you and your objectives and they will do so through skilful listening, questioning, and conversation.

#5 Accountability with a purpose

When you make an investment in yourself through working with a coach you’ve already made a commitment and that tends to lead to greater focus and accountability towards what you want. And if you want accountability from your coach too, then you’ll agree what that looks like and they’ll offer that to you – with purpose and an abundance of support.

#6 Healthy challenge

Yes, coaching does it involve challenge. Not the type of challenge where your friend says “I disagree, you should do this instead”. No, this is healthy and constructive challenges that arises through really listening to you and offering you questions and observations that allow you to think and challenge yourself. It’s often where the breakthroughs happen.

#7 Breakthroughs and results

It’s what you came for, right? The interesting thing here is that the main breakthroughs, light bulb moments, focus and momentum, often comes in areas that you least expected. Working towards an objective is rarely a linear process; the twists and turns in the journey are actually the catalysts for growth. And with it come your outcomes.


Some real coaching feedback

To give you a better sense of the benefits of coaching, here are just a few words from my clients that help demonstrate how individual the coaching process and outcome can be.

  • “Through personalised coaching, lots of open discussions and expert knowledge I’ve been able to implement some low effort but high impact changes to day-to-day life.  Deb is friendly, non-judgmental, a great listener.”
  •  “With her coaching support I’m learning to take more control, say yes to less and being more selective with my free time.  I’m feeling reconnected, mindful, energised and inspired and that feels amazing!”
  •  “The sessions are really productive and thought provoking and make me feel motivated to improve and venture outside of my comfort zone. I never feel judged and your approach is always one which is subtle but impactful, thus striking the perfect balance.”
  •  “She was excellent at picking out significant words or phrases that I used without realising, and guiding me to delve deeper. Having those tiny insights helped me recognise what I needed in those moments and take control. I can’t tell you enough about the benefits! Everything was at my pace, so I never felt any pressure, and I looked forward to what I would learn from each session.”
  •  “Having sessions with Deb was the best thing I could have done. She helped me to break the problems down and create specific action plans to help me tackle different things as they came up, as well as being a support to just talk things through with.”


Coaching With Me

Coaching in action

Why not try out a coaching session to see if it’s right for you?

I appreciate that 1:1 coaching & mentoring is an investment of your time, energy and finances, and you want to get it right.

My Coaching & Mentoring Taster Experience offer is essentially a coaching session at a very special price to allow you to try it on for size, get a sense of me, and experience some great support in the process. Click below to book!



  • James Ross

    This is a good summary of what coaching is all about, written by someone who knows the subject inside out.

    Deborah highlights the key merits of coaching. That it often covers issues that you wouldn’t normally address with anyone, that it is completely confidential and that it’s 100% about you (so one doesn’t have to feel guilty about hogging the discussion).

    • Deborah Bulcock

      Thanks James, that’s very kind. It’s a subject I’m very passionate about, as I know you are too.

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