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The Magic Of Focusing On Strengths

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One of the tools I’m using more and more in my coaching and team development work is Strengthscope – and that’s because it focuses in on someone’s strengths which is a really positive way to drive performance improvement.

So I’m writing this piece to enable you to quickly understand more about how to use a strengths-focus as a force for good, and give you an insight into what Strengthscope is all about.


Why focus on strengths?

Come on, we’ve all been there. Performance review time and the inevitable focus on “opportunities for development”! Those things that we’re not as good as someone wants us to be, and to which all the attention then turns to when it comes to personal development activity.

And when we’re asked to work on things which we have zero energy for, it’s the most motivating and compelling thing to do.

But what if we really focused in on someone’s strengths – the qualities they have, or have the potential to have, AND which energises and motivates them? What if we could help them enhance that strength even further, or adapt their role slightly to make use of their strengths more? Wouldn’t that lead to greater gains for everyone, and increased motivation and satisfaction for that person?

It’s something to ponder …

Now, I’m not saying we should ignore potential performance risks, which might come from the under-development or utilisation of a certain skill, or even the overuse of it. If it’s essential for the role, then it needs working through. But do that in the context of a strengths-based conversation and it takes on a whole different meaning.

I would argue that a strengths-based approach allows you to enhance performance, resilience and engagement quicker, and more sustainably, than one that places the emphasis on the ‘areas for development’.

Here’s a short video from Strengthscope with an introduction to what is meant by strengths and how to make the most of them.



What is Strengthscope?

In the most basic terms, Strengthscope is a psychometric tool which provides a profile of someone’s strengths. It helps you focus in on what energises people at work, as opposed to the competencies they may have – the areas where people have the greatest application for development, and where they may achieve the most sustainable levels of performance moving forward.

It’s a simple online questionnaire and then, voila, your report is produced and we’re ready for a positive discussion.

And to give you the confidence you need, the tool has been through robust testing mechanisms and has achieved a 4-star rating from the British Psychological Society – quite an achievement.



And what it isn’t

The thing that I’ve always to emphasise is that Strengthscope is not a competency assessment. For many of us who have grown-up in competency based organisations this can be a common trap. We have to look at it in a different light – and that’s my role in helping to guide the discussion.

Strengthscope explain well the path to a strengths-based approach from a weakness-based culture – it’s worth a watch.




How I use Strengthscope as a force for good

Now the other great thing about this tool is the fact that it can be used on an individual basis, to gain 360 feedback, and also to look at the strengths of an entire team. It’s exceptionally versatile and I find that helpful with my clients.

In my coaching work, I often run a Strengthscope report to help inform some of our work together – and it’s always received positively by my clients.

It’s also becoming increasingly common for me to work with teams to look at their individual and collective strengths. Everyone receives their own profile and a 1-2-1 discussion to explore it, but then we also run a team report and host a team event – and it leads to some fascinating discussions and outcomes.

If you’re interested in understanding how you can dive into Strengthscope for you and/or your team, take a look at my services, or feel free to book a call.

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Example reports and resources

Strengthscope provide some example reports so you can get a sense of what you would receive – feel free to have a look.

Strengthscope Individual Sample Report

StrengthscopeTeam™ Sample Report

And you can also head straight to the Strengthscope site to look at their broad range of resources, videos and downloads.


A Master Practitioner

Sounds grand, doesn’t it? But yes, I’ve been through all the trainings with Strengthscope and am one of their master practitioners – you’re in good hands.


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