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“I have been working with Deb on the broad aim of improving my overall wellbeing whilst maintaining a demanding career which, in the past, has felt all consuming.

Through personalised coaching, lots of open discussions and expert knowledge I’ve been able to implement some low effort but high impact changes to day-to-day life. Deb is friendly, non-judgmental, a great listener and it is a real benefit that Deb has first-hand appreciation of juggling a demanding work life whilst striving to keep well.

Whilst promoting healthy lifestyle choices, Deb is a realist and has supported me in adopting sustainable life techniques and nutritional habits that focus on my holistic wellbeing and happiness. This has not been about switching to complete clean living overnight, or changing who I am. It has been about building on realistic changes that work for me and are based on a deep understanding about my motivations and lots more.

I’ve found that I’ve not only been able to get more from my life outside of work but I’ve also been able to perform optimally whilst at work as I’ve been starting from a more positive, happier, clear headed and energised me.”