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Jo Le Roy

“Deb has been a professional and personal mentor to me for nearly 15 years. She has consistently supported me throughout this period and has been a key supporter of me throughout. Deb offered me my biggest promotion about 13 years ago, she saw something in me then that perhaps others hadn’t or even myself. She gave me a real chance in a broad role but did so knowing she would be there to support me, side by side throughout.

Her intuitive leadership has allowed me to find and develop new skills which has supported me having a very successful and nourishing career. During times of challenge professionally she’s provided guidance, support and nurtured me through. Never solving the problem for me, Deb simply helped me find my way through for myself. Her focus on personal reflection too ensures no experience is lost, there’s something to be learned from everything, she helps you find the good in whatever you’ve gone through.

Deb is passionate about investing in people and I’ve seen her reap the rewards over and over having managed extremely successful teams. She’s turned around under-performing teams and businesses and has the ability to do so whilst handling a heavy workload.

Whilst all of this has helped me professionally the learns have carried through into my personal life too. With Deb’s wealth of experience, empowering style of leadership and pure dedication she is an asset to any individual or company”