Strengths For Team Development

Strengths For Teams

Optimise strengths for performance, engagement, and resilience

When organisations focus on enhancing the collective strengths of their teams, the potential for greater gains, enhanced motivation, engagement and performance increases too.

A strengths-based approach is at the heart of this service, using the Strengthscope psychometric tool to create individual and team profiles, from which we draw deep insights and explore opportunities for peak performance, whilst also mitigating performance risks.

This approach can be used with both newly formed and established teams, and is beneficial at all stages of team development.


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How does it work?

The Strengths for Teams service uses a psychometric tool called Strengthscope to create individual and team profiles, which we use to draw insights and explore opportunities for peak performance.

To summarise this service, I’d say that it’s ideal for senior teams that are looking to:

From beginning to end a typical programmes takes between 8-12 weeks, as each individual in the team will see their own profile and how it contributes and links to the entire team profile and dynamics.

You can expect a combination of team meetings and 1:1s over this period, rather than a one-off intervention.

This means that there’s a greater opportunity to enable understanding and for practice and reflection to take place.

It’s not just about the tool but also the benefit that comes from the conversations and actions taken, which is why I’ve designed this service around these activities.

What does a Strengthscope report entail?

Strengthscope is grounded in positive psychology and focuses primarily on the strengths and qualities we have which we also find energising. The underpinning principle is that the more we can make use of our energising strengths, the greater our performance, motivation, resilience and engagement.

If you want to see a sample report for either an individual or team profile, email me.

Did you know?

The Strengthscope tool has the versatility of producing several report variations.

That means you can benefit from both individual and team profiles, and if you choose, an extension to 360 reports, detailed leadership reports, and more – you can evolve it further as you see fit.


Why Choose Me?

There are a lot of coaches and leadership development companies to choose from, and as with any investment, you want to make sure who you choose is the right fit to
support your team.

So, why choose me?

Well, alongside my extensive experience as a Director in banking, I also have years of experience supporting hundreds of senior leaders from a variety of backgrounds.

When I say I’ve been there and I understand the challenges you’re facing, I mean it – I’m no stranger to leading teams in fast-paced, high-pressure environments and appreciate the varying dynamics at play.

And that means my approach incorporates all the theory, knowledge and insight, yet focuses on a straightforward approach for practical application that can drive value and meaningful action.

I’ve designed my unique approach to using Team Strengthscope with all of this in mind, as well as allowing time for individual and team exploration and learning.

If this sounds like an approach that would work for you and your team, I can’t wait to find out more about how I can help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ideal team size for this?
Technically the Strengthscope Team report can work for up to 30 people. In practice, I see it working best for teams between 10-16, although I have worked with a team of 6 too. Don’t be constrained by this – talk to me about your thoughts and objectives and we’ll create something that works.
What credentials do you have to offer this service?
I became a Master Strengthscope Practitioner back in 2020 and have been providing individual and team support using their reports since then. It’s a grand title, but simply means that I have all the right credentials to use all of the Strengthscope reports available.
Is this service virtual or in-person?
I find that the best approach is to run most of the service virtually, with an in-person team event at a chosen point to tie it all together. As with all of my services, we’ll make it bespoke to your needs, so the best way to determine which approach is best is for us to have a call first.
How much does this service cost?
As this service is bespoke, there are a number of factors to consider when it comes to fees, such as the type and duration of support and the number of people involved. Send an email enquiry to receive a ballpark figure, or book a call so that we can discuss the best approach for you, and you’ll receive a quote quickly after.

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