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Stay Connected Whilst Social Distancing

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Choose connection

Coronavirus pandemic measures are in place. It’s a strange and unique situation we’re in and it’s going to be really easy to feel isolated quite quickly. Even if you’re with people at home, the disruption of routines and loss of daily access to others can lead to that sense of loneliness.

We need connection to stay well and healthy. Connection with people, pets, nature, our environment – all of it becomes increasingly important. And as we are forced to slow down and absorb more of what’s around us, it’s really helpful to consciously choose things that lift us, bring a smile, and nourish our soul.


Staying connected whilst separated

How on earth can I stay connected with others when I’ve got to socially distance or isolate? We’ve all been asking ourselves this.

So we’ve put together 15 ideas for proactively staying connected whilst at a safe distance – from the “good old way” to making the best use of technology. Everyone is different and so select the ones that will work for you (and maybe try something new too). The key is choosing connection that enriches you in the moment.



15 ideas to stay connected

  1. Connect at home and get some great conversation starters going
  2. Chat to your neighbour over the fence
  3. Pick up the phone and call someone
  4. Write and post a letter – yes, a letter!
  5. Send cards – for celebrations, support, or ‘just because’
  6. Send an email
  7. Make use of video calls as well as the phone
  8. Send a message via text or social media
  9. Send a voice memo
  10. Set-up some group chats for those communities that can’t get together for the time being
  11. Hold group video calls – a virtual coffee can be fun
  12. Use social media for good and engage positively in your local community groups
  13. Share photos and updates of what you’re doing and encourage others to do the same
  14. Find those with common interests through online groups and enjoy your interests with like-minded people
  15. Blog or vlog and put it out there


Here’s to staying connected, well and healthy x