Work With Me Overview

Work with me Overview

Work With Me: Services Overview

By your side, sleeves rolled up, invested in your success

You and your team work at your collective best when you’re firing on all cylinders.

You want to support your people so they can perform at their best, whilst also pursuing your own professional aspirations alongside the time pressures of big jobs in big business.

I understand the world that senior leaders are navigating because I’ve done it myself, having spent over two decades as a director in banking. I know the challenges, thrills and spills that come with the role.

I’ve worked with hundreds of leaders just like you, utilising a blend of coaching, mentoring, strategising and advisory support to help cut through the noise, add clarity and ensure results.

My services include 1:1 executive coaching, executive partnerships, strengths work and profiles with teams, consulting, and specialist talks.

If you don’t have a specific service in mind, that’s no problem. You can book an enquiry call and I’ll design the right service to match your objectives.

My Business Prospectus

If you prefer a PDF download to explore my services, I've created this prospectus to suit your needs.

Get the journey started

Whether you’re clear on the service you want, or just know that you need some support, the first step is to get in touch.

From there, I’ll recommend the best approach for you.

Some amazing clients...

How I can help ...

I offer a range of services to help you and your team, including:

  • Executive coaching & mentoring
  • Executive partnerships
  • Strengths work and profiles with teams
  • Consulting & advisory
  • Burnout talks & resources

You’ll likely have an idea of which service area you’d like to focus on, but be assured that part of the enquiry process is me helping to determine the right service for you achieving your objectives.

In short, if you’re uncertain which service is best for you, don’t worry – I’ll sort that with you.

Executive Coaching & Mentoring

Whether you’re looking for 1:1 coaching for you, or a member of your team, I operate side by side using a bespoke and blended approach to bring out the best in the person I’m working with.

My coaching style is pragmatic and supportive, and by understanding the shape and pace of your organisation, I will help you to create long-lasting and sustainable growth on an individual and organisational level.

Executive Partnerships

This personalised service sees you and I operating in a partnership, in which I bring the full breadth of all my experience, skills and credentials to the table.

Your objectives are at the heart of our partnership, and I’ll utilise a true blend of styles and services designed around you. From coaching and mentoring, to advising and consulting, all the way through to being your sounding board, trusted confidante, and critical friend.

Strengths for Teams

Deepening relationships, optimising collective skill sets and delivering shared objectives are just a few of the benefits that strengths work with teams can provide.

Centred around the Strengthscope tool, this service uses a combination of individual and team psychometric profiles, team meetings and 1:1s, over a period of 8-12 weeks. We work in partnership to help create momentum in your team’s development.

Consulting & Advisory

My two decades of director-level success in the banking sector, combined with my extensive leadership insights and experience, means I can be by your side when you need someone to consult for key specialist topics.

My expertise lies in delivering complex organisational change, whilst developing high-performing teams and enhancing team performance and engagement.

Burnout Talks & Resources

Burnout has significant consequences for individuals and organisations alike. Both parties have a role to play in preventing and reducing its impact, and it begins with building awareness and understanding – that’s exactly what I’m here to do.

I can provide support through my signature talk, burnout prevention consulting, and my two books, ‘Have It All Without Burning Out’ and ‘Confidence Confessions’.


Whether you’re clear on the service you want, or just know that you need some support, the first step is to get in touch.

From there, I’ll recommend the best approach for you.

It's a collaboration ...

I’ve worked in partnership with hundreds of senior leaders and their teams, and one thing that always rings true is that collaboration is central to the process.

The leaders I’ve worked with have some things in common – they want to work in partnership, are open to support and being challenged, and they have the courage to do things differently.

And they want someone who understands their world, and the challenges of navigating it, to support them and be by their side to help fast-track their success.

No matter how we work together, you can rest assured that you and your team will achieve results faster and you’ll be supported every step of the way.

Once you commit to the process, there’s no telling what rewards you’ll reap!


Why choose me?

I’ve spent decades in leadership roles, so I’m no stranger to the fast-paced and high-pressure nature of big business. It’s because of my experience that my approach is adaptable and pragmatic.

I believe in bringing the entirety of my experience, skills and knowledge to the table to empower my clients to achieve both professional and personal success.

But it’s not just about me, it’s about you, too.

I work in close partnership with all of my clients, sleeves rolled up, by their side to support them and their teams towards achieving their goals.

So if you’ve read any of the above and it’s resonated, it’s likely we’ll be a good fit, and a force to be reckoned with.

Find Out More About Me...

Let’s get started

Once you know you’re interested, let’s have a chat to discuss your objectives and timeframes so that I can recommend the best service for your needs.

There’s no charge for this initial consultation or expectations attached, as the focus is to understand your needs, assess whether we’re the right fit, and work from there.