Supporting individuals to thrive so they can bring their best to work and life is what makes my life so fulfilling. You can find here what clients have had to say about the experience of working with me.


Individuals come to me for coaching support and nutritional therapy services, usually for a period of at least 4 months. Working together we explore practical and personalised ways for them to achieve the goals they desire in a way that’s sustainable for the long term. 

“I’ve always struggled with self-belief and confidence levels, and Deb came into my working life when I was at a low point and was struggling to see the wood for the trees. She has such a kind and caring nature, and really helped me to break down everything into manageable chunks of quick fixes that immediately helped; and then over a long term the more deep rooted causes of some of these feelings and why they are there. I’m still very much working through this, but every session I have with Deb is a step forward. I’ve had 20 years of my working life feeling like this at times, and I can honestly say that it’s only through the work with Deb that I’m starting to fix it and not just plaster over it or try and forget about it.” – Senior Communications Manager

Struggled with Self-Belief and Confidence


I support organisational teams by delivering presentations, workshops and 1-2-1 coaching, helping people to thrive in order that they can excel in the workplace without sacrificing their health and personal life to do so. 

Group & 1-2-1 Coaching – “I had a lot on my plate, both personally and professionally. I was home-schooling a 4-year old with a toddler in tow and working full-time at home amidst the chaos! I also had an interview and some decisions to make about my professional development. Deb helped me to prioritise my own wellbeing and bring a calm, considered perspective to a really difficult situation. She coached me to renegotiate my working hours, which had an incredibly positive impact on my wellbeing, and boosted my morale and confidence when it was much needed. She has changed my perspective, way of thinking, helped me to listen, and encouraged me to believe in myself. She was and is an advocate, confidante, coach and cheerleader. Aside from their commitment to dynamic working, I feel that Deb is the best investment that my employer has made to my wellbeing in my eight years with the company.” – Communications Manager
The best investment that my employer has made

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