Rise High Bundle

£30.00 inc. P&P

For the ultimate positively inspired experience. What can we say, you indulgent creature, we love your enthusiasm! The Rise High bundle is the supreme act of self-care and joy. OK, forgive the abundant excitement, but we are stationery geeks.

The bundle contains:

  • 1 Rise High Notebook – for your very best thinking, ideas and highly confidential secrets
  • 1 Pencils Of Power – for days of mastery with your best pencil writing action
  • 1 Positivity Pad Notepad – for thoughts that lift you, bring you joy, and keep you smiling
  • 1 List Love Notepad – for lists with a twist and a whole lot of love
  • 1 Notes, Thoughts & Doodles Notepad – for capturing your imaginative notes not ready to be committed to a notebook

Go on, you know you want to.