List Love Notepad

£7.00 inc. P&P

For lists with a twist and a whole lot of love

If you’re a long list-maker, you’ll love this notepad. Designed to help you prioritise, get focused, and even reward yourself for the things you’ve done before the list even started!

  • DL size – which means a long, thin pad (we didn’t know either)
  • DL size dimensions if you want them – 210mm x 99mm x 10mm
  • 45 pages of 100gsm white paper (with cool design, if we say so ourselves)
  • Prompts, spaces, and tick boxes for all categories of lists
  • Designed to be completed daily with a manageable set of to-do’s that you can give yourself a big pat on the back for completing at the end of the day – then tear off and start afresh
  • Paper credentials: recyclable, FSC certified, chlorine-free, wood-free

Don’t forget your Pencils Of Power as your writing utensil of choice.