Workshops and Presentations

Workshops and Presentations

Inspiring and connecting teams

Bringing together a team for a workshop or talk can be a significant contributor to deepening connections and building relationships, which subsequently supports team relationships. The topic will be informative and thought-provoking, whilst the experience focuses on bringing people together positively.

My specialist topics for workshops and presentations focus on the areas of stress management, building resilience, and preventing burnout – with a focus on helping people to excel in the workplace whilst also thriving in life. And because my approach is grounded in authentic curiosity and individualised action, delegates walk away with something that’s right for them.

My workshops and talks which focus on this area and have proven very popular in bringing teams together in a positive, energising, and empowering way. My own story tells you why I believe it’s a crucial topic, and you can read about it in more detail in my bestselling book ‘Have It All Without Burning Out’.

With a deep link to the topic of building personal resilience, I also often work with teams using my chosen psychometric tool, Strengthscope. With positive psychology at its core and a focus on optimising performance through strengths, the use of this tool with teams is exceptionally powerful and becoming increasingly popular.

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Signature Workshop
Resilience for Leaders

The fast-pace and high-pressure of modern life, coupled with the responsibilities and ambitions of managers and leaders, can equate to long term stress and the many repercussions of that.

In this workshop we don’t shy away from or ignore the realities of our daily challenges. Instead we use that context to explore the many ways in which we can raise our personal resilience, better manage stress (even optimise it), and preserve our precious energy.

This is a workshop predominantly focused on personal insight, reflection and action planning. Yet the beneficial side-effect of exploring this subject as a group is the onward commitment and focus in supporting each other to be their very best – in all parts of life.

This is a way to support the wellbeing of your people in a way that directly links to engagement and performance.

For many teams I also follow-up the workshop with a 1-2-1 coaching call for each delegate, allowing them the confidential space to explore any key insights further and increasing the likelihood on onward action and change.

This is a half-day workshop with supporting materials, ideal for group sizes up to 12, and delivered on-site or virtually.

Workshop Price: Virtual £2500 + VAT,
On-Site from £3000 + VAT plus expenses

Additional 1-2-1’s – priced at application and driven by numbers

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Signature Presentation
To Burnout and Beyond

Sharing a lived experience is a powerful way of bringing a more personal and sensitive subject to a group. Having experienced the full-force of burnout and what it takes to recover affords me a unique perspective to share with others.

In this talk I share my insights on the contributing factors to my burnout, what the experience felt like, along with what it took to fully recover and move beyond the limitations it imposed on my life.

Whilst it’s a serious subject, I like to keep the tone positive and pragmatic, bringing to the fore the key lessons I believe can help others in today’s world.

It’s a subject that intrigues many as they privately explore how they feel, whether they are at risk of burnout, and what steps they can take to keep themselves thriving in all areas of life.

A great accompaniment to offering a presentation like this is my book ‘Have It All Without Burning Out’, copies of which can be made available at a reduced price when ordering in volume.
Up to a one-hour presentation, inclusive of Q&A

Presentation Price: Virtual £950 + VAT,
On-site from £1250 + VAT

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Bespoke Requirements

I understand that sometimes you want something more bespoke to me your needs and really enable your team to move forward in the way you want. That’s when we work together to develop something specific and unique.

Examples have included topics from productivity and time management techniques through to energy boosting habits in the workplace, or even the topic of thriving teams. The list is endless and typically falls within the broad spectrum of personal/team effectiveness and wellbeing.

And if I don’t think I can meet your needs, it’s likely that I’ll know someone who does.

Price on application

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Other services

Partnering for Leaders

Partnering is focused on deepening the understanding and relationship with you and your team for optimal support, guidance and delivery over an extended period of time. This is a highly bespoke approach tailored to the needs of you and your team.

Coaching for Organisations

Your people are your greatest asset. Through partnering and coaching I can help you and your entire organisation achieve new heights both personally and professionally.

Books by Deborah

Deborah’s bestselling book is focused on helping those with overloaded lifestyles to be able to thrive in all areas of life. Support your team with the gift of positive, practical and tested guidance

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