Workshops and Presentations

Workshops and Presentations

Inspiring and connecting teams

Booking a workshop or talk for your team can be a real investment in deepening connections, and building solid working relationships.

With topics that are always thought provoking and inspirational, my workshops and presentations bring your people together within a positive atmosphere to share information and experience, and to learn new skills.

Content often includes my specialist areas of interest – stress management, building resilience, and preventing burnout, with a focus on helping people excel in all areas of life, both in the workplace, and at home.

I also often work with teams using the psychometric tool, Strengthscope. With a focus on building resilience and optimising performance through strengths, teams find the use of this tool exceptionally powerful – read more about it below.

My approach is grounded in helping people harness their innate curiosity, and take individual action, so delegates always walk away with something that’s right for them, and always energised and inspired to take action or reflect.

Find out more below and book in for a call here – the easiest way to work out what’s right for you and your team is a conversation and I’m always happy to chat.


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A few clients...

Leading Resilient Teams - Workshop For Leaders

Following a period of uncertainty and constant change, fatigue has set-in, along with an increased incidence of burnout and record rates of vacancies.

Many leaders have the topics of managing stress, preventing burnout, and building resilience firmly on their agenda, and this half-day workshop is designed to support that.

The workshop provides insights, tools, and the opportunity to discussion, sharing, reflection and action planning.

In the workshop we:

  • Review the current working environment in relation to wellbeing.
  • Explore the topics of personal and team resilience.
  • Delve into the subjects of stress, stress management, and burnout.
  • Review the role of the employee, employer and leader in this dynamic.
  • Examine key watch items and action steps for leaders.
  • Discuss methods for building resilience, supporting stress management and preventing burnout.

This is a half-day workshop, ideal for group sizes up to 12, and delivered on-site or virtually. All materials are provided within the cost.

Workshop Price: Virtual £2500 + VAT, on-site from £3000 + VAT plus expenses

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Signature Presentation

Burnout: A Lived Experience

Sharing lived experiences is a powerful way to explore a sensitive and relevant topic with a group. Having experienced the full force of burnout at work, I’m ideally placed to offer an authentic and unique perspective with your team.

In this talk, I share insights on the  factors that led to my burnout, what it felt like to live through, and what I learned from the experience. I also cover my road to recovery, and offer advice on how to protect yourself from burnout in the first place, by building resilience and adaptability.

While the talk tackles a serious topic, I keep the tone positive and offer pragmatic solutions to help the group avoid and tackle burnout in their own lives. Are they at risk? What steps can they take to protect themselves? And what immediate action can they take if burnout is already affecting their lives and performance at work?

I’ll also share insights from my bestselling book on how to avoid burnout, and offer discounts on copies for participants.

The details:

Up to a one-hour presentation, inclusive of Q&A

Presentation Price: Virtual £750 + VAT, on-site from £1250 + VAT plus expenses

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Building Personal Resilience - Team Workshop

Modern working life is filled with pressures and responsibilities. If not managed correctly, these can result in long-term stress, burnout, and a range of physical and mental health difficulties that can take years to recover from.

The repercussions for businesses can be serious and far-reaching, so in this workshop, we don't shy away from the realities of how challenging working life can be. But we approach it positively, and with pragmatism, always focused on finding solutions that work when applied to daily life. The aim is to raise our personal resilience and preserve our precious energy, in order to better manage, and even take advantage of stress.

This workshop is focused on personal insight, reflection, action, and planning, but we’ll explore these subjects as a group, with a commitment to supporting each other to be the best that we can be.

For many teams I also follow-up the workshop with a 1-2-1 coaching call for each delegate,  giving them a safe and confidential space to explore further,  and increasing the likelihood of action and change as they move forwards.

The details:

This is a half-day workshop, ideal for group sizes up to 12, and delivered on-site or virtually. All materials are provided within the cost.

Workshop Price: Virtual £2500 + VAT, on-site from £3000 + VAT plus expenses

Additional 1-2-1’s – priced at application

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Strengths For Peak Performance

Strengthscope is a psychometric tool that’s grounded in positive psychology and focused on how we can optimise performance and resilience through a strengths-based approach. I'm proud to be a master Strengthscope practitioner, and I love sharing its powerful capabilities with my clients.

It’s hugely versatile, and is available for individual reports, team profiles and even 360 assessments.

Team workshops using the Strengthscope tool provide a deep insight into the clear strengths that can be optimised, along with the potential performance risks, and prompt engaging conversations and action to make the most of collective strengths, and mitigate the risks.

Find out more about Strengthscope and see example reports here.

The details:

A team Strengthscope service typically spans 3-5 weeks, and includes:

  • An initial team briefing
  • An individual Strengthscope profile for each team member
  • A 30-min 1-2-1 to review individual reports for each team member
  • A team Strengthscope report and review
  • A half-day team event to explore individual and team reports and create positive action

We’ll also have a number of sessions to agree objectives, review the team report, and design the team event.

Price on application.

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Bespoke Requirements

The workshops and talks detailed on this page work for some, but for others, something bespoke is needed to enable your team to move forward in the most constructive and powerful way.

I will work with you to put together something truly unique, with examples including productivity and time management techniques through to energy boosting habits in the workplace, and how teams can thrive

The list is endless, but typically falls within the broad spectrum of personal/team effectiveness and wellbeing.

I’m more than happy to discuss the possibilities for you and your business, then find something that suits your needs. And if I don’t think I can meet your requirements, it’s likely that I’ll know someone who can.

Price on application.

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Other services

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Your people are your greatest asset. Through partnering and coaching I can help you and your entire organisation achieve new heights both personally and professionally.

Resilience Programme for Teams

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Books by Deborah

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