Partnering with Leaders

To grow a thriving team and banish employee burnout

Partnering is focused on deepening the understanding and relationship with you and your team for optimal support, guidance and delivery over an extended period. This is a highly bespoke approach tailored to the needs of you and your team. I’m by your side – invested in you, your team and your results. 

We work together over a minimum of 6 months to enhance engagement and resilience for optimal long-term performance.
Through a combination of services organised to best suit the needs of you and your team, we increase the odds of success for all parties.

Working with Teams
Where do we start?

The starting point is always a call to ‘set the scene’ followed by an in-depth immersion/strategy session, from which we shape goals, our commitments and immediate priorities.

This is followed by regular reviews to maintain momentum and ensure regular support. The approach we take will vary according to your needs and objectives and could include:

  • 1-2-1 coaching programmes for team members
  • Team presentations or education sessions
  • Team workshops
  • Advanced stress testing for individual team members

What are the advantages of partnering?

A partnership approach means that I’m in your business and by your side much more than I could be otherwise and have a much deeper understanding and investment in your goals and outcomes.

It requires a minimum time and investment commitment, but in return is a more favourable rate card for all of my services and the best possible chance of sustainable change.

Want to explore this further?

The easiest way of working out the best approach for you and your team is to talk, so please schedule a call.


Other services

Coaching for Organisations

Your people are your greatest asset. Through partnering and coaching I can help you and your entire organisation achieve new heights both personally and professionally.

Workshops for Organisations

If you want to do something as a team then a great starting point can be a presentation at your team meeting, or an interactive workshop to get people exploring and talking.

Books by Deborah

Deborah’s bestselling book is focused on helping those with overloaded lifestyles to be able to thrive in all areas of life. Support your team with the gift of positive, practical and tested guidance

Do you want your team to thrive every day?

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