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When people thrive, organisations excel

As a leader you know that your people are your greatest asset. By investing in them you empower them to work at their full potential, not only gaining genuine satisfaction from their work but deliver real results for your organisation.

But every member of your team is an individual – so how do you support them in the way that best meets their needs? In a world where work-related stress, anxiety and depression are on the rise, it’s a challenge every leader faces.

Coaching, educating and consulting for organisations

I’m a passionate believer in investing in the individual; enhancing their personal effectiveness in a way that’s unique to them and enabling them to bring their best to every aspect of their life, including their work.

With a background in business leadership, training in health coaching and nutritional therapy, and experience working with a range of individuals and organisations, I bring together a range of tools and techniques that get to the heart of the issue, spot the opportunity and create lasting change.

This is not an off-the-shelf approach or model; I focus my efforts where they will drive the most effective results for you and your team.

Whether you’re a leader, manager, employee or entrepreneur working with a coach can unlock a world of potential and help you and your entire organisation achieve new heights both personally and professionally.

“I met Deb through work at a time when I was struggling with stress and the impact that was having on my body. Debs focused me and her sunny, positive and professional approach truly inspired me I feel blessed to have met her”
Julie Chippendale
Operational Leader

Helping individuals and teams to thrive every day

Everyone wants to be happy, healthy and fulfilled.

But often we focus our efforts to achieve these things in just one or two areas, segregating different parts of our lives. I believe that to live a successful and satisfying life at work and in life my clients need to be supported through a whole person approach.

Reviewing the broad areas of health, mindset, experience and environment alongside the goals, challenges and opportunities for that individual or team really allows us to highlight the priorities.

My coaching approach is designed to help busy professionals improve resilience and energy, create focus, drive action, optimise performance, step up in leadership and produce better outcomes.

Getting this formula right at the individual level can translate to a whole range of improvements for their organisation. Improved attendance, engagement, loyalty, creativity, and dynamic leadership – they’re all up for grabs.

Solutions right for you

Below you’ll find a range of services commonly requested, although no two solutions are ever the same. Your organisation is unique, as are your people; through quality discussion we develop what’s right for you.



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Services for Organisations

Coaching Programmes

Connecting for Lasting Transformation

Focused on personal effectiveness, coaching with me is targeted to enable the individual to operate at their very best at work AND in all areas of life. Going all-out and flying in their career with compromised family life and personal wellbeing is not what I consider success for the individual or the organisation.

You might want to provide support for someone in your team who’s struggling with a particular issue. But more often than not I’m working with high achievers who are pushing themselves hard to maintain their A-game and need the right strategies in place to maintain that momentum.

Taking a whole-person approach involving real connection ensures we focus on the critical areas for that individual, and ultimately provides a greater chance of  sustainable change and results.

Everything is up for discussion

Nothing is off-limits, because there’s a deep inter-connection between it all - leadership qualities and dynamics, personal drive, clarity, focus, career goals, overcoming obstacles, health, vitality, nutrition, lifestyle, and more.

Before we start any coaching programme we’ll agree a clear set of target outcomes, but the journey to get there has to be driven by the needs of the individual.

Group Coaching

Group programmes are becoming increasingly popular, particularly for functional teams, leadership talent and diversity groups. There can be a real benefit and synergy in group learning and growing together.

Typically group coaching would involve a mixture of presentations, workshops and 1-2-1 coaching to enable group learning and discussion with individualised application.

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Presentations and Workshops

Exploring and Inspiring

The starting point for any team or group is often an educational presentation or an interactive workshop, enabling people to explore a particular subject in a group environment. The objective is to always to allow an open exploration of a particular subject that ultimately inspires action and positive change.

Whilst the topics are bespoke to organisational needs, they typically fall under the broad heading of personal effectiveness. My experience, qualifications and passion are in enabling people to thrive, to operate at their very best in all parts of their lives, thereby bring their best self to work.

Example subjects can include (but are not limited to):

  • Daily routines and healthy habits to help you thrive in a fast-paced high-pressure environment
  • Understanding stress and building resilience strategies
  • Supporting talent/leadership to thrive personally and excel professionally
  • Creating the work environment to enable people to operate at their best

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Setting you up for Success

With a background in business and change leadership, a track record in employee engagement and transformation, and my training as a nutritional therapist and health coach, I’m well positioned to help you develop strategies for enabling your people to operate at their best.

If you want support and expertise in how to create the environment and practices for your teams to thrive, I can help. Working in partnership with you, I’ll be the safe pair of hands to guide you in identifying the priorities and creating a strategy for achieving your goals.

I’m a believer in keeping these engagements short and focused. The answers aren’t usually that far away, but the benefit of an independent, straight-talking consultant who will ask the right questions can help.

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“Give a man a fish and feed him for a day, teach him how to fish and feed him for life.”

Why work with me?

There are lots of coaches out there. So why me? Well, because I’ve got extensive experience in the corporate sector where I worked in a high level leadership position. Because I’ve recovered from work-related stress and burnout and I know how to help others avoid it. And because I have invested a great deal of time in studying and practicing nutritional therapy and developing coaching techniques through work with a wide range of clients.

I won’t just listen to what you’re saying, I’ll also read between the lines to get to the root of what’s going on. And I’ll go direct to the heart of the matter so we can achieve positive results fast.

Do you want your team to thrive every day?

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