One-Off Coaching Sessions – Terms of Engagement


‘One-Off’ or ‘Pay As You Go’ coaching and mentoring sessions are any service that you purchase from Deborah Bulcock Coaching as a one-off service, and are not part of a broader programme. They are standalone sessions.

Even though it’s only one session, there are some basic terms we need to agree before you proceed with your booking.

Format & Structure of the Session

  • The session will be conducted via video conferencing using Zoom. Please download the Zoom software to an appropriate device in advance of the session
  • The session lasts up to the duration indicated on your booking. In the session there will be time allocated to introductions, ways of working, coaching, and next steps, as is appropriate for your needs and objectives.

Key Terms

Terms are based on offering each other mutual respect and ensuring this session carries a high priority in your calendar.

  • Payment – payment is made in advance of the session. Should the payment subsequently be declined the coach has the right to cancel or postpone the session, or if the session has already taken place, pursue the coachee for payment plus an administration fee of £50 + VAT.
  • Cancellation / Refunds / Transfers – once a session has been booked no refunds are available. The session cannot be transferred to someone else once booked.
  • Rescheduling – a full week’s notice is required to re-schedule a session. If the session is re-scheduled outside of these terms then the coach retains the right to cancel the session without refund. Please contact straight away should this situation arise and we will do what we can to resolve.
  • Complete Session – the session will last up to the allotted time; should any time be remaining when the session closes this will not be carried forward unless explicitly agreed at the time. The coach will manage the session to use all the time well.
  • No Obligation – following the ‘one-off/PAYG’ coaching session there is no obligation or pressure for the coachee to continue working with the coach in any capacity.
  • Availability – you can use this service as often and as frequently as you want to, with coach availability being shown through the calendar system.

Key Responsibilities of The Coach (Deborah):

  • Coaching & Mentoring Services – the coach will provide coaching and mentoring services within the session suitable to the individual and the topic of discussion. Services will not breach the qualifications and professional boundaries of the coach.
  • Confidentiality & Data Protection – all information shared is strictly confidential between the coach and coachee. The coach will take notes during the session and all such data is stored in accordance with data protection guidelines.
  • Time management – the coach will be on time for the session and ensure the session is managed to make best use of the time.
  • Rescheduling – should the coach need to reschedule a session two full business days’ notice will be provided, unless there is an emergency. Notice will be provided by email. Text message or phone call will also be used if the rescheduling notice is less than two days. Any session re-arranged by the coach will always be available for re-booking.

Responsibilities of The Coachee (You):

  • Attendance / Presence – please arrive on time for your session and do all you can to attend the session free of distraction.
  • Openness – to get the most from the sessions it is important to be open and honest in sharing information, along with being open to suggestion and challenge, thereby enabling the coach to help and guide in the most appropriate way.
  • Results and Outcomes – the coachee understands that the results and outcomes achieved from the coaching is a result of their personal actions and progress. Whilst the coach will guide and support, the coachee is accountable for all results and outcomes.
  • Complaints – should the coachee have any complaint with the services provided by the coach, they will inform the coach as soon as is reasonably possible at

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to working with you!


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