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Mental Health Lockdown Lessons: 7 Gifts To Hold On To

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As we slowly emerge out of lockdown, peeking out from behind our doors, what lessons have we learned? I’ve certainly experienced a few …

#1 The importance of connection

Whether it’s seeing friends and family, a smile to a stranger, or a chat at the checkout, the importance of having regular and real connection has never been more striking. Adapting to our new ’normal’ in lockdown has forced us to be really creative about how to stay connected and meet that need. Never again will I take for granted the opportunity to hug a friend, chat with people on the street, or sit with work colleagues.

#2 The power of community

There’s nothing like a crisis to bring everyone together and this pandemic really has brought out the best in our communities. Neighbours helping each other out, the NHS rainbows, social media being used for good in spreading positive messages and fundraising. I’ve found it really heartwarming and I really want it to continue.

#3 Kindness is the best gift of all

With the spirit of community at its height, so is kindness. People thinking about others, helping out, sharing resources and so much more. To be on the receiving end of kindness is wonderful, but I think the best thing is to be the person giving it. It’s s rewarding.

#4 Technology isn’t all bad

Helping people with high stress much of the time means that I’m usually suggesting a technology switch-off, but technology has really been our saviour during the lockdown. All the creative ways we can positively stay connected has been a real lifeline.

#5 Living in the present helps

Whilst many have found this period very worrying and scary, I’ve found that it’s enabled me to live in a much more mindful way. I’ve been able to focus on the here and now more than ever before, and appreciate my own home and surroundings more. It’s helped me be more grateful, and it’s something I’m seeing in others too.

#6 Slowing down has been wonderful

I’ve felt this and I know many other people have. We’ve been forced to slow right down, cancel our endless plans to go here, there and everywhere, and that has been liberating. I hope it’s something we all treasure moving forward.

#7 Resilience is a key life skill

Resilience isn’t just about our ability to endure, it’s about our ability to adapt to challenging times and have the resources and will to bounce-back quickly and in good shape. Being able to build personal resilience proactively is critical right now, but also moving forward.
I’d love to hear your lockdown lessons. There have to be so many.

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Image credit: United Nations Covid-19 Response, via Unsplash.