Luxury Candles

Scents to help you thrive

With a passion for helping you to leave the stress and overwhelm behind, and always having the opportunity to feel your best, I wanted to bring the power of scents directly to you. And I’m over the moon to partner with Moments Candle Co. to create my own signature scents to achieve this.

Scents can be extremely powerful when it comes to mood, energy, clarity and confidence and these products are a natural extension to everything I’m looking to deliver to my clients.

Keeping things natural to me is key – you won’t find any nasties in these candles. Just beautiful  products that give a much better scent throw than some of your pricey favourites. This is affordable luxury from an independent UK-based business.

Moments Of Joy – A Scent To Lift And Energise


A citrus sensory explosion created to energise and lift you to your greatest heights. A moment to encourage motivation, creativity and focus whilst keeping you grounded, calm and in control of what lies ahead.
Experience your moments of joy with a smile.

Moments That Nourish – A Scent To Calm And Relax


A moment created to help nourish your mind, body and soul. This comforting and relaxing experience will calm and ground you, wrapping its arms around you with an enormous sensory hug.
It will leave you revitalised and resilient, ready to enjoy all ahead of you.

And there’s more…

Moments Candles & Co has a huge range of products and scents, so if one of these beauties from my signature range doesn’t just hit the spot for you, take a look at the broader range. I’m certain there will be something just right for you.

A bestselling read with your candle


Have It All book with bestseller badge
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Stress is our reality, we navigate it daily. It can help us perform, yet it can also make us sick, physically and emotionally. Chronic stress and burnout are a modern day epidemic, but it doesn’t have to be an inevitable outcome of striving to achieve your dreams.

What if you could have it all – the work, life and success that bring you genuine fulfilment and joy? What if that was in your grasp without running yourself into the ground? Would if you could build resilience and manage stress in a way that allowed you to thrive?

In this bestselling book Deborah takes you on a journey of understanding, exploration and reflection, whilst encouraging you to take steps that enable you to have it all, without the risk of burning out. Packed with useful insights, practical tips and real life examples, you can be sure that there is something to suit everyone.

If you want to stop sacrificing your health and personal life and instead live the life you deserve and desire, then this book is for you.