Be the architect of your own happiness and success – live a life by design, not by default

Has your life got a life of its own? Careering ahead, going round in circles, or totally stuck, whilst you’re thinking “hang on, this isn’t what I want!”

It’s more common than you think; you’re certainly not alone. But it can feel lonely.

And so much can get in the way of making a change to make it change. Such as …

All of these things are real. I want you to embrace them rather than feel ashamed.

Let’s face it, if you believe everything you read on social, then you will feel like a gigantic failure because:

I don’t buy into any of that BS and you shouldn’t either.

You want improvement for yourself – and you deserve to have it!

Why I “get it”

Over 25 years ago I started my career in banking with great ambitions and a truck-load of energy after graduating from my second business and economics degree. I’d wanted to study psychology, but those around me thought I’d get a “better job” with a business degree (erm, hello people pleaser).

I climbed that corporate ladder quickly. Endless promotions and success stories. As I neared the end of my 20s I was at the level I’d aspired to be by the end of my career.

Everyone around me was either hugely proud and complimentary or sticking the knife in whilst whispering “what did she do to get that job?”

Whereas I was left thinking “is that it?” and “was it all worth it?”, along with “what the hell is wrong with people?!”

And then things started to change for me. The imposter moved in and told me I was a fraud, my confidence dipped, I became my own harshest critic, perfectionism became a coping strategy, and I was replaying conversations and events over and over wondering what people would be thinking of me. It was exhausting. And also my secret.

It led to over-working, neglecting my own needs, and being the person others thought I was whilst I was slowly crumbling inside. It was inevitable that I would burnout. And I did. Big time.

And with that came my catalyst for change. To follow my path, do what was right for me, irrespective of what it meant for others. I have zero regrets of making those changes – for me.

Today I’m here living life just as I’ve designed it, feeling content and fulfilled, and with a whole stack of qualifications and depth of experience to help you find and achieve what you really want.

My words of wisdom from this experience …

Live your life by design. Not by default. Not by someone else’s design.


Your life, your design, your happiness.

How Does This Programme Help You?

This Group Coaching Programme is designed to help you be the architect of your own future and happiness. We focus on achieving the following:

The entire focus is to move you from feeling stuck to gaining momentum, from low confidence and self-doubt to soaring self-belief, from exhaustion to being energised, from feeling deflated to being motivated, from a sense of isolation to feeling connected and understood… to you confidently and courageously being the architect of your happiness and fulfilment.

“Working in a group Deb helped me to prioritise my own wellbeing and bring a calm, considered perspective to a really difficult period. It had an incredibly positive impact on my wellbeing, and boosted my morale and confidence when it was much needed.”
“I am now back to feeling like ‘me’ again and I couldn’t thank Deborah enough for her support. I grew in so much confidence during the process with Debs. She is the gentle, caring (and firm) push that everyone needs to realise their true potential.”
“The magic happens when you meet someone who has such a significant impact on you that it awakens a part of you that you didn’t know existed, or helps you change course at a critical point in your life. This is Deb.”

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Life By Design – Is It For You?

If you’ve read this far, the words are resonating, and you’re keeping going, it’s highly likely this programme is going to hit the spot for you.

It’s for women of any age, from any background, in any job, with any marital or parental status – you are all welcome. This is a fully inclusive and judgement-free space.

You don’t need to overthink “your situation” because we will all come to it from a different perspective and a unique set of circumstances.

The critical point is that you are passionate about creating your ‘life by design’ and genuinely interested in sharing that journey with other like-minded women.

What Does The Programme Involve?

In a nutshell:

* Female only – the October/November 2021 programme is being run as a female-only group. If you are interested in future mixed gender groups, please register your interest by emailing me.

And here’s the nitty-gritty

Week By Week

“Our group sessions very much gave a sense of comfort and support. Sharing our candid tales made me normalise a lot of questions I had going on in my own mind – imposter syndrome for example.”
“I’ve found that I’ve not only been able to get more from my life outside of work but I’ve also been able to perform optimally whilst at work as I’ve been starting from a more positive, happier, clear headed and energised me.”  
“With her guidance I’m learning to take more control, and say yes to less, and being more selective with my free time. I’m feeling reconnected, mindful, energised and inspired and that feels amazing!”
Invest in yourself. It pays the best interest.

Committed to Giving You Value

Life By Design Programme

The value of this group coaching programme is off-the-charts:
Getting this support 1-2-1 requires an investment of over £5000.

VIP Version

And to top it all off there is a VIP version which is hands-down the cheapest way to get access to 1-2-1 support from me. If you opt for the VIP version you’ll get everything already described, plus

Your Programme Guide

If you don’t know me already, let me tell you who will be guiding you through this programme.

The Formal stuff

I’m a highly effective coach with a pragmatic and results focused approach drawn from a broad range of experience and credentials:

The Not So Formal Stuff

I’m a down-to-earth Lancashire lass, and love spending time with my four-legged side-kick, friends, and family. I also enjoy being in the great outdoors, and am spoiled to live with some spectacular countryside on my doorstep.

There’s really nowhere in the world that rivals home. I’m a pretty simple creature, and would always choose a cosy café lunch over a fancy dinner, a cuppa over a glass of wine, casual over fancy, flats over heels, and country over city.

Café meet-up anyone?

You deserve a life you are excited about

Brass Tacks Time – What’s Your Investment?

I am looking to give you amazing value on these group programmes along with flexibility on how you pay.

All prices are inclusive of VAT.

Life By Design Group Coaching Programme
3 x payments of £199*

1 payment of £547, attracting a pay in full discount of £50

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VIP Life By Design Group Coaching Programme
3 x payments of £349*

1 payment of £997, attracting a pay in full discount of £50

Put Me On The Waitlist
Your place is secured with a cleared first payment and signed agreement to our programme Terms & Conditions.

* 3 payments timing – 1st payment on booking, 2nd on 22nd Oct, 3rd  on 15th Nov.

Read the Life by Design T&Cs I know it’s boring (yawn, yawn), but they are important. We will email to ask for your written confirmation to these terms and conditions as part of confirming your place on the programme.

“Deborah has really helped me to better understand who I am and this has contributed to some great achievements both personally and professionally. My confidence has increased so much and I am a much happier, less stressed and worried individual.”
“Her focus on personal reflection too ensures no experience is lost, there’s something to be learned from everything, she helps you find the good in whatever you’ve gone through.”
“Deborah has helped me change my perspective, way of thinking, helped me to listen, and encouraged me to believe in myself.”

Are you ready to create your LIFE BY DESIGN?

Working on yourself might seem daunting, but it’s actually liberating!

Frequently Asked Questions

Group Coaching involves bringing together a collection of individuals who share a common interest, but whom each have individual goals and objectives related to that interest. The power of the group comes from a facilitative approach that leverages the knowledge, experience and resources of the entire group to enable each individual to meet their goals.

Each session is 2-hours long. It will always start with a check-in and introduction to the topic of the week. There will be time for some educational material on the topic of the week. And then there will be the opportunity for discussion and exploration, some of which will be together as a whole group, and some might be in smaller breakout groups. Whilst the sessions have a structure to them, we also flex to the needs of the group to provide the best experience.

Strengthscope is a psychometric tool, based on positive psychology, that can help give you a deeper understanding of your strengths and the things that energise you. At the right time in the programme you’ll be asked to complete an online questionnaire from which you’ll receive your own personalised report. You can find out more about the Strengthscope tool in this blog.


The programme is grounded in the concept of adult learning, meaning that you are responsible for drawing from the sessions what is useful for you, and then embedding any learning, taking time to reflect, and take the action that is most helpful for you. There will be suggested activity between sessions, but no-one will be checking homework. It’s really down to what works for you.

The sessions are 2-hours long and you might want to put an hour or two aside during the course of the week for reflection, action, or practice. Just think of it like a new Netflix series that you’ll get through in 6-weeks!

Ideally everyone will attend every session. This is how we quickly create a depth of connection that can serve everyone during the course of the programme. This programme is an investment in you and my hope is that you can keep it at the top of your priority list. However, we do know life happens, so we are part-recording the sessions so you can watch on replay should you miss something, or even want to watch it again. Part-recording simply means that we’ll record the section that offers educational information and guidance, but not the section where people may be sharing something personal.

The sessions for this programme are delivered virtually on Zoom.

We ask everybody in the group to respect confidentiality. This forms part of your terms and conditions, and we will spend time in the first session creating our commitments to the group.

This particular instance of the programme has been set up as female only, reflecting the demand for this subject from women. For certain topics, keeping the group to one gender can help facilitate more open discussion. Other group programmes will be mixed.

This will almost certainly be the case as we’re all unique and bring with us our differences. What we will have in common is our interest in the core topic being covered within the programme. I would argue that the difference will be helpful as we will be able to draw on more experiences.

Part-recording simply means that we’ll record the section that offers educational information and guidance, but not the section where people may be sharing something personal. The recordings are available for anyone who wants to review the materials again and will be available for 4 months after the programme has ended.