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It’s An Amazon Bestseller And I’m Overflowing With Gratitude!

An Author In Less Than 6 Months

In the early part of the summer, I took the decision to write a book all about stress and burnout – the subject I spend nearly every day working with people on. Less than 6 months later and it’s written, self-published and is a #1 Amazon Bestseller in multiple categories – woo hoo!!

But let’s face it, books don’t just get written and put out there in 6 months. This book has been more than ten years in the making. Going through burnout myself, the focus and changes needed to recover, taking the courageous step to change path in my career, and investing in plenty of professional training.

Without a doubt, I do think most people have a book in them. It obviously becomes much easier when you are intimately familiar and very passionate about your subject. And that’s why I’ve been able to do it so quickly this year.


Spreading The Word And Helping Others

A little while ago I shared with you my reasons for writing ‘Have It All Without Burning Out”, but needless to say that sharing my experiences and message as far and wide as possible was certainly one of them. My desire to help others has always been very strong, and this is one of the ways I believe I can achieve that.


An Enormous Thank You!

For now, it’s time to turn my attention to thanking all of you.

Without your encouragement, support, and clearly your book purchases, there’s no way I could have got to this point.

I’m deeply grateful for every ounce of support you have offered – not just in the book-writing process, but over many years as I’ve recovered from burnout and trod the winding path to something new. Thank you 💛


What Comes Next?

Good question, and one that I’ve been asked many times over the last few months.

For me, it’s all about getting this book to the people who will benefit, speaking to groups to help influence positive change, creating an engaging and supportive community in my Facebook group, and continuing to help individuals and teams to have it all, without the risk of burning out.


Start Your Journey Now

I really do hope you enjoy my book and if you haven’t yet got your copy – now is the time! Read more about it and buy here.


Thank you all x


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