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Ready for the work and home life of your dreams?

When you’re spinning plates like you’re making an appearance on Britain’s Got Talent, both in the workplace and at home, you need a trusted advisor and mentor to help you take a step back from the circus, and work on building the more fulfilled, calm joyful life you deserve.

As a coach, and qualified nutritional therapist, I specialise in helping busy, successful people design the future they want whilst building resilience,  enjoying oodles of energy, while bomb-proofing themselves against burnout.

With two decades in senior corporate roles, and years of experience as a skilled guide and mentor, my coaching helps people like you live life with purpose, confidence, and a deep sense of joy and contentment.

My Approach

First and foremost, I’m not a coach that operates at a distance – I’m highly supportive, collaborative, and present, by your side throughout the process of growth and change.

I’m also pragmatic and solution-oriented, helping you get clarity on your objectives, cut through the noise, create a direction that’s right for you, and build the confidence to go after it.

I’ll help you generate the momentum and drive needed to keep you pushing forward at the right pace, exploring and overcoming obstacles that get in your way with mastery.

My clients describe me as high support and high challenge – meaning I’m motivational and unafraid to challenge, but I’m also nurturing, insightful, and authentic.

As a qualified Nutritional Therapist, I look at the whole person, not just the situation, and place a heavy emphasis on wellbeing, including both physical, mental, and emotional health.

Feedback from clients describes me as professional, warm, and empathetic, always taking the time to really understand them as individuals.

Become your true self ...

"Coaching helps you to take responsibility for your life, let go of what others think, and become your true self. It's about creating the life you want and deserve."
Emma- Lousie Elsey.

What is Coaching?

We can chat to our mates, bore our families with our problems, and ask our work colleagues for advice – so why would you need to invest time, money, and effort in coaching?

Coaching isn’t about being told what to do and how to do it – it’s a partnership which helps you to take steps towards your goals by making manageable changes.

It isn’t a quick fix either, it’s an ongoing process that places you firmly in the driver’s seat, making key decisions about what’s right for you, and in which direction you want to steer your life.

Of course, a lot depends on the quality of your guide as you embark on your journey. Your chosen coach should be qualified and experienced, holding the space, as you find your own answers and direction. The coach-client relationship is intimate and meaningful, so it should also be someone trustworthy, honest, and unafraid to challenge you in a kind, reflective way.

If this sounds like you, coaching could help you become the best possible version of yourself:

  • You want real and sustainable change in your life.
  • You’re experiencing a challenge, but failing to make a breakthrough.
  • You’re facing a challenging relationship or situation, and it’s getting in your way.
  • You need to work on a specific area of self-improvement or development.
  • You’re preparing for a life event, like promotion, relocation, or returning to work after a period of absence.

The reasons why people access coaching are many, and varied, but a desire to create deep and lasting change is usually at their heart. 


Already know you want to work together? Let’s chat about the best way forward.

Looking at the Whole You

Gone are the days when we left our real selves at the office door. The whole, authentic you matters if you want to lead a fulfilling life, and unlock your true potential.

Working with me, we’ll consider not just your immediate objectives, but your broader health, mindset, experience, and environment, examining how we can leverage these to help you achieve what you desire, and be your best self.

My bestselling book, ‘Have it all Without Burning Out’ gives a much deeper insight into my whole person approach – one that I bring to my 1-2-1 coaching sessions with clients.

“Work on yourself more than you do on your job”
Jim Rohn

1-2-1 Coaching

1-2-1 coaching is a solid investment in you; how fulfilled you feel, your objectives and goals both at work and at home, and your wellbeing to keep you energised and sane while you shoot for the moon. It is possible to have it all, without burning out along the way.

I offer a number of 1-2-1 coaching programmes for individuals, delivered via video conferencing.

If none of my programmes feel right for your needs, don’t panic. I often devise bespoke coaching programmes for my clients, based on their individual requirements, taking elements from the content of my packages and tailoring this to suit your desired outcomes.

1:1 Coaching Programme​

Whether it's a goal, a challenge, some feedback, or general personal development, 1:1 coaching will help bolster your progress to achieving the outcome you want.

I'll bring my combination of industry experience, coaching, mentoring, and wellbeing focus, and we'll tailor it all to suit your unique needs.

You bring your honesty, openness and commitment.


We'll design the approach to suit you and get the best results.

Coaching programmes start at £3,000 for 4-months/8 sessions, and monthly instalments are available.


Beating Burnout Programme

If you feel like you’re on an unstoppable course to total burnout, or if it’s already upon you, don’t despair. This programme will help you rebuild your physical and mental health, along with your shredded confidence, building strategies and imposing boundaries that will future proof your wellbeing as you recover and grow.

The Beating Burnout Programme will also help you define what you really want, and move into position to achieve and enjoy it, using my unique combination of coaching, mentoring, and nutritional therapy.

This six-month programme brings healing to those close to, or mid burnout, helping you take small steps towards lasting change. No pressure. No hustle. Just calm, clarity, and confidence.


  • 6-month programme
  • 2 hours of 1-2-1 time per month, split over 2 sessions
  • Expert coaching and mentoring to both guide and support you
  • Nutritional therapy advice to help body and mind recuperate fully
  • Planning for future-proofing your health, resilience and success
  • Copies of my books ‘Have It All Without Burning Out’ and 'Confidence Confessions'

6-month programme, £4,000, payable in instalments


Deep Dive Coaching Session

Sometimes you don’t want a full coaching programme, but you do want some in-depth, urgent support to help you with a specific challenge, opportunity, issue, or decision.

Deep Dive Coaching Sessions are focused on building momentum and working on motivation to achieve the breakthrough you need when facing a specific problem or issue. Think of them as emergency first-aid for the body and mind.


  • 2.5-hour 1-2-1 deep dive session via video call
  • You walking away with clear next steps
  • 30-min accountability follow-up call 4 weeks later


In-person sessions are available with pricing dependent on location.


Nutritional Therapy and Health Coaching

My specialist service targeted at more complex health cases where it’s ideal to develop a bespoke approach just for you. We work to get to the heart of the problem through understanding your current and previous health, your goals and your circumstances. Through consultations, potential testing and expert review we work together to create a bespoke approach to support you moving forward. Over a 5-6 month period the programme includes:
  • 1 x 2-hour intake consultation
  • 5 x 1-hour consultations
  • A copy of 'Have It All Without Burning Out'
  • Personalised plans
Find out more here or if you’re ready to explore it further, book your Discovery Call below.
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Strengths Profile and Review

For an injection of expert and credible information to help make a decision, guide your career path, or deal with a challenge. Supported by a master Strengthscope practitioner and accredited coach.


  • Strengthscope profiling assessment
  • Access to the Strengthscope Hub with additional strengths training materials
  • 2-2.5 hour coaching session and strengths review to interpret your report, apply it to your specific objectives, and determine your next steps (via video call)
  • An understanding of how a strengths-based approach can help you moving forward
  • 45-min accountability call 4 weeks later


You can read more about Strengthscope here


Strengths Profile and Review

My Strengths Profile and Review provides an injection of expert and credible information to help make a decision, guide your career path, or deal with a specific challenge. Supported by a master Strengthscope practitioner and accredited coach.


  • Advance questionnaire to get clear on your objectives
  • Strengthscope profiling assessment
  • Access to the Strengthscope Hub with additional strengths training materials
  • 1-2-1 2-hour coaching session and strengths review to interpret your report, apply it to your specific objectives, and determine your next steps
  • An understanding of how a strengths-based approach can help you moving forward
  • 1-hour accountability follow-up call 4 weeks later

£750 (inc. VAT)

Find out more about Strengthscope here.


Pro Bono Coaching

Every year, I like to give back by providing a minimum of ten clients with coaching support, free of charge or at low-cost. This service is restricted to clients who genuinely can’t afford to invest in coaching, but who would benefit hugely from my input and insights.

If you’re interested in receiving some pro bono support, there’s an application process to assess your needs. Please get in touch and I’ll be happy to talk you through how it all works.

Next availability Q4 2022.


The Resilience Formula Programme

The programme is a bit like writing your own prescription.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, and want to learn vital skills in beating burnout and bouncing back even better, The Resilience Formula Programme will help you learn how to identify sources of stress in your work and home life, find a better balance, and begin to thrive in your busy life - not merely survive it.

This is an online instant-access programme that can help you right now and you can access from anywhere at any time.



Client Reviews

Why choose me?

With so many coaches on the market, it’s realistic that potential clients would ask – “why should I choose you Deborah?”

For many of my clients, the fact that I’ve recovered from work-related stress and burnout myself, and have even authored a bestselling book on the topic, makes a real difference, as I can genuinely understand and empathise with what’s going on for you, and offer insights based on personal experience.

For others, it’s the fact that I’m an accredited coach, with a wealth of personal and professional experience to draw on, or that as a qualified Nutritional Therapist, I can help you take care of both body and mind, a holistic approach which provides a resilience boost for people who need to rest, recharge, and rethink their busy, stressful lives.

But I won’t be the right coach for everyone, and if I don’t believe we’ll gel and collaborate well together, I’ll tell you so. I’m not here to take your money and run. I’m here to make a real difference to your quality of life, that’s my reward (though being paid for doing something I love is great, too!).

Whatever attracts you to working with me as a coach, I can’t wait to find out more about you, and how I can help you achieve you thrive within your busy, plate-spinning life.

Find out more about me and my approach here.

A little coaching ...

"Each person holds so much power within themselves that needs to be let out. Sometimes they just need a nudge, a little direction, a little support, a little coaching, and the greatest things can happen." Pete Carroll.


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