Group Coaching Programmes

Group Coaching Programmes

The Power Of A Group

I’m delighted to bring to you my Group Coaching Programmes, suitable for individual clients ready to join a group of peers on their development journey, and also organisations or groups who want to support their people connect and advance.

Group Coaching involves bringing together a collection of individuals who share a common interest, but whom each have individual goals and objectives related to that interest. The power of the group comes from a facilitative approach that leverages the knowledge, experience and resources of the entire group to enable each individual to meet their goals.

The ‘common interest’ can be varied – my job is to bring that subject to life and create the right environment for everyone to connect in a meaningful way, be able to personally develop and grow, and do so in a way that leads each person to be able to advance from where they started.

It’s a hugely effective and rewarding experience for everyone involved – me included!

“Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.”

– Amy Poehler

Group Coaching Programmes

I run both open programmes for individuals to join at specific points throughout the year, and bespoke programmes for organisations or independent groups developed and run at any time.


Designed For You

Bespoke programmes
Enquiries welcome

Let’s create something specifically tailored for your group to deliver maximum impact

  • Topics can be as varied as you like – E.g. areas of health, personality traits, working styles, specific challenges or opportunities – the list is endless.
  • Recent examples have included: the juggle-struggle for working parents; bouncing back from burnout; boosting confidence around imposter syndrome; and menopause mayhem.
  • Groups can be run with 4 – 12 individuals and the duration will be influenced by the topic, group needs, and budget.

If you have a need to address or an idea to explore, just get in touch.

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Life By Design

Open Programme  Closed for 2021 / Get on the waiting list for 2022 Be the architect of your own happiness and success – live a life by design, not by default
  • Has your life got a life of its own? Careering ahead, going round in circles, or totally stuck, whilst you’re thinking “hang on, this isn’t what I want!”
  • Is your confidence low and your self-doubt high, getting in the way of the changes you want to make?
  • Is your tendency for pleasing others, perfectionism and overthinking leaving you feeling exhausted and at the bottom of your to-do list?
If you’re nodding along, this programme is designed just for you.
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Your Group Coaching Guide

I’m an accredited coach, nutritional therapist, and author of the bestselling book ‘Have It All Without Burning Out’. And prior to all that, I spent over 20 years at senior levels in the corporate world.

At my very core is my passion to help people be the best version of themselves – and by that I mean understanding what they really want, having the courage to go after it, and do it in such a way that promotes health and brings fulfilment.

I’ve been coaching people all my working life, and my love for it continues to grow. Adding group coaching to my services not only brings a new way to help people, but also makes coaching more accessible for those where 1-2-1 services are out of reach.
You can find out a whole load more about me and my credentials here.


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