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The Gift of Me Time


When a friend is low or showing signs of burnout, we naturally want to help and a coaching session is both a thoughtful and practical solution. Whether you want to make a contribution or cover all costs, I can organise gift vouchers to show your generosity.

If you recognise someone who may be struggling or perhaps heading down the same road you did, encouraging them to book a discovery call is a great place to start their coaching journey. Completely free and with no commitment, we can chat through their current situation and decide if coaching is the right solution for them before you commit to any investment with gift vouchers.

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Are you worried about burnout?

There’s talk of burnout everywhere, but what is it and how do you know if you’re on the slippery slope?

Maximise Productivity At Work
Would you like more time through productivity?

Here are 7 simple tweaks to help you maximise your productivity at work and create more time.

Are you struggling to get regular quality sleep?

We’re a nation that’s sleep deprived, so here are 10 top tips for improving your shut-eye.

Are you worried about stress on your team and business?

Find out about promoting positive stress and helping your team stay well and engaged.