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Free Digital Downloads

A collection of downloads full of insights and practical solutions to help you be your best at work and in life – free resources for you to download and use. We hope you find them useful.

Employee Burnout Checklist

How to spot the signs of burnout and what to do about it.

The Confidence Quiz

Assess your confidence levels and ways to boost it.

The Resilience Quiz

Find out how well-prepared you are to handle challenges.

5 Easy Energy Boosters

Energy boosters for when you’re exhausted and overwhelmed.

7 Simple Tweaks

7 easy tips to help you maximise your productivity at work

10 Tips For Quality Sleep

Tips to help you sleep well and thrive in all parts of life.

Imposter Syndrome

5 ways to tackle imposter syndrome and get confidence soaring.

How Do I Know If I’m Heading For Burnout?

Discover the signs to watch out for and what to do about them.

Deborah’s Books

And don’t forget Deborah’s bestselling books, written to help you thrive and be your best, both available in all formats.
Have It All Without Burning Out

‘Have It All Without Burning Out’ is a book informed by my experience and credentials as a senior leader in business, an executive coach, a nutritional therapist, and my own experience with burnout and chronic stress.

I share pragmatic insights into how you can achieve the fulfilled life you deserve and avoid the usual pitfalls and false expectations.

Confidence Confessions

My job means that I help people with confidence every single day, whether that’s a long-term challenge, a temporary blip, or a boost that’s needed for something specific.

Confidence Confessions contains simple but effective strategies for building confidence with immediate impact.


I'm Deborah...

Executive coach, Lancashire lass, and best-selling author. I’ve got 20 years’ experience as a director in banking, and have coached hundreds of senior leaders from all walks of life using a blend of coaching, mentoring, strategising and advisory support.

But in simpler terms, my goal is to help senior leaders and their teams thrive. I understand the world that they are navigating because I’ve been there myself, and that understanding is integral to my approach.

I also have formal coaching and nutrition credentials under my belt, and when I’m not bringing my full breadth of experience to my clients, you can find me enjoying a long countryside walk with my four-legged friend Lexi or getting a cuppa at a local cafe.

My ultimate goal? To empower you to achieve both personal and professional success.

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