Executive Partnerships

Executive Partnerships

Side by side, sleeves rolled up, for the long term

For senior leaders requiring the ultimate in personal effectiveness, leadership mastery, and resilience.

This is a highly personalised service in which I bring the full breadth of all my experience, skills, and credentials to the table – think ‘side by side, sleeves rolled up, getting stuff done together’ territory.

Your objectives are at the heart of our partnership, and I’ll utilise a true blend of styles and services designed around you. From coaching and mentoring, to advising and consulting, all the way through to being your sounding board, trusted confidante, and critical friend.

In short, it’s a true, collaborative partnership grounded in high levels of mutual trust and respect. I’ll be by your side using my 20 years’ experience at director-level in the banking industry to provide you with a trusted ear in my most bespoke service offering.

Some amazing clients...

A completely bespoke service

This is both a bespoke and exclusive service, available to only 1-2 clients at a time. It requires dedication and deep attention as we invest in making a difference together.

For some, I’m in the background as a secret partner and trusted confidante helping them work towards their goals and navigate through issues, providing expert support and challenge along the way.

For others, I’m providing all of the above plus a whole range of team support, from coaching and mentoring team members, to attending and facilitating key team meetings, as needed.

Take a look at the case studies below to get a better idea of the type of support that can be offered in my executive partnerships service.

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Case Studies

With such a bespoke service, the best way to illustrate what it could look like is to share case studies.
These are 2 examples and I hope they offer food for thought.

Case study 1 – Secret Partner

She’s built and developed a team, achieved exceptional business results, and commenced a major transformation effort.


This client was a Director new to a large organisation, although fully established at this level of leadership. Their main objectives for seeking support was the knowledge they were walking into a tough performance environment with many hurdles to immediately overcome, whilst also contending with a complex home situation.

Their brief was to make a great start in their new role, overcome challenges quickly, and learn how to navigate the new organisation effectively – whilst staying well energised and with home life fully balanced and managed. They wanted a trusted confidante to lean on, and a mentor approach to help guide, steer and support them.


I worked in several capacities with them on a 1:1 basis over 15 months, coaching and mentoring as they navigated the new landscape, established credibility and delivered performance.

As they rode the rollercoaster that comes with a role at this level, I also provided consulting and advisory support as they designed and led transformation efforts.

We had weekly check-ins via phone or video call – ranging from 10 minutes to 2 hours – and 3 in-person immersive days throughout the 15 months when it became time to really roll our sleeves up.


In our time working together my client has excelled against all the goals she set, and more. She quickly and confidently established herself in the role, developed key relationships, and appeared to navigate the challenges with relative ease.

She’s built and developed a team, achieved exceptional business results, and commenced a major transformation effort.

Balancing the home and personal situation alongside the new role has been challenging, but she describes it as being in a good place and “much better than it could have been!”.

I don’t for a second claim credit for these achievements. She’s an exceptional leader and talented specialist.

But having me as a secret partner during that time, she explains as a “key part of her success formula”.

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Case study 2 – Team Partner

More headspace and focused team time, quicker to adapt, and great engagement scores.


This client was a Managing Director who was taking their team through significant operating model and role changes. The client’s main objective and request was having a ‘right-hand’ to not only support them, but also to help keep their team motivated, engaged, and performing through this period of change.

We agreed a team partnership approach for 12 months would be most effective, providing support directly to the MD, whilst also engaging directly with the team in a multitude of ways throughout.


First and foremost, the MD as my client had plenty of partnership focused 1:1 time, benefitting from a blend of coaching, advising, strategising, planning and reviewing. We adapted our approach as we progressed – a more intense approach to begin with, relaxing into a more periodic routine once things became more established.

Over 12 months we agreed coaching and mentoring support for 20 different individuals, the timing and duration adaptable to suit their needs. We built trust, managed confidentiality, and ensured that both individual and team objectives were addressed.

Additionally, we agreed a facilitative role at key team meetings, the use of a team Strengthscope exercise, with a focus on deepening relationships, optimising strengths, and building resilience through change.
The approach meant I became an integrated, yet still independent, part of the team’s journey.


For the MD, they continuously commented on how the approach gave them more headspace for facing upwards and outwards for strategic thinking, decision making, and relationship building. It meant the time with their team was focused, targeted, and had more impact.

As often happens, the operating model plans shifted during our time together, but with all the right support in place the team were quickly able to adapt and respond. They didn’t miss a step.

The team’s engagement scores improved during this time, a unique trend within the business compared to other areas affected by the same changes.

Ultimately, through exceptional leadership and high levels of team dedication, they navigated the changes effectively and with fewer bumps in the road.

My influence on these outcomes was described as “instrumental” and “significant”. It was a privilege to be a part of.


Why Choose Me?

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to executive partnerships; each engagement is unique, driven by the needs of the business, team, and leader.

I’ll design an approach around you that brings the most relevant aspects of my experience and skills to enable you to achieve your goals, in the way you want to.

For those looking for long-term partnerships that are based on mutual trust and respect, with someone that is both a friendly face yet an objective and independent partner, an executive partnership is ideal.

If this suits your needs, enquire early – this exclusive service is limited.

Preparatory work and relationship building are the foundation for success with this service, so we start with a short-term scoping period.

As with any commitment, we’ll do some groundwork first. It allows us to make an informed decision about what we want to achieve, how I can best help, how we’ll work together, and success factors.

The starting point is an enquiry call, and we’ll build the approach from there.

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