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Consulting & Advisory Support

Your injection of support, when and where you need it most

For those times when you want someone you can trust who’s been there, done that, got the t-shirt, and is able to share their insight, knowledge and guidance.

My consulting & advisory service combines my two decades of director-level success in the banking sector with my extensive leadership insights and experience, so that I can provide support when you need someone to consult for key specialist topics.

Whether you need a ‘pick your brains’ meeting, long-term retainers, or short and sharp requests for my input, I’ll be there to support you through any engagements requiring a combination of advisory, consultancy, and review-based contributions.

In short, it’s an injection of specialised support when and where you need it most.

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Support for specialist topics

My support comes in many forms, whether it’s part-time, longer-term assignments or even requests to review documentation and proposals.

The essence of this service, however, is specialist support backed by my experience and credentials, from my director-level success to my years of experience as an executive coach.

The range of topics I consult on can be varied, but examples include:

  • Leading large-scale operations
  • Leading large-scale and complex transformation
  • Leadership and culture
  • Practical leadership insights and guidance, particularly of large complex teams
  • Developing a coaching culture
  • Employee health and wellbeing
  • Stress, resilience and burnout strategies


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My Approach

You won’t find 50-page PowerPoint decks, lists of 100+ recommendations, and a tie in to a long engagement here.

My approach is practical, hands-on, and straightforward – I’m looking to have genuine conversations that get to the crux of what’s needed to help give you the momentum and breakthrough required.

If your requirement is for endless documentation, I’m not the right person for you.

This service isn’t about me doing your governance, it’s about me by your side sharing insights, options, and guidance – and ultimately helping you make decisions and take action.

If you like the sound of someone that will come in, provide targeted side-by-side support aligned with your needs, and then get out in good time, we should talk.



Consulting & Advisory Support FAQs

Do I need coaching, consultancy, or both?

Great question, and the answer depends wholly on your objectives, requirements and objectives. It’s why I always recommend we have an enquiry call to determine the right approach for you.

Is it possible to just have one meeting and get value?

In short, yes, and it’s something I do frequently. But as with anything, the devil is in the details. If we’re laser focused, you’re able to articulate well the situation and what you need, it’s within my field of expertise, and we give ourselves sufficient time – absolutely we can cut to the chase and help you make some decisions.

How much do you charge for this service?

It really depends on the requirement for the assignment and the value-add I can bring. Tell me more via email or on an enquiry call and I can give you an estimate.


Book an enquiry call and we can chat about your objectives.

It’s completely free, and I can recommend the best approach for you.