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Are You Feeling Stuck? Take 3 Simple Steps

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Want to improve your health, but stuck in a rut?


You’ve set yourself some health goals. Ambitious ones – no point in anything different, right? You set out full of great intentions, but then life just gets in the way, or even though it felt good to do something different, you haven’t kept up with the new habits and you’re not sure why. And to top it all off, you’re mean to yourself because you didn’t complete what you set out to do. Sound familiar? You’re not alone, I promise you!


First things first, time to give yourself a break!

Habit changing is tough. And when it comes to things like nutrition and lifestyle we’ve usually been doing things a certain way for a long time. We’re used to it, it’s our pattern, and whilst we want to make changes to our lives we can often struggle to make the changes that get us there. It’s human nature. Change is tough and requires focus and effort – and we’re all busy getting on with the every-day routine.


3 Simple Steps To Get Started

  1. Make Your Goal About Real Life– think about what you want to be different – be super specific in what the outcome is, what it looks like, how you’ll know when you’re there. And try to make the object of your goal something that has real meaning to you. E.g. as opposed to “I want to lose a stone” consider something like “I want to be full of energy to actively play with my children in an evening”. You get the idea.
  2. Attach Some Emotion– with that goal in mind, write a list of the emotions you would attach to having achieved it, really “feel” it rather than “think” it. For this to be a driver of change you really need to have an emotional connection with the outcome. Uncensored, just write down everything that it would make you feel, experience and enjoy.
  3. Make A List, Then Choose One– make a list of all the things you believe you need to do in order to achieve your goal. It might be a big list, so stop at 10 so you don’t overwhelm yourself. Then here’s the trick, just choose one small item off the list. Something easy and achievable. Do it, do it well and keep doing it for several days until it starts to feel like a new habit. Then it’s onto the next thing. Small steps can take you a long way!



How I Can Help You Get Started AND Keep Going


1-2-1 Nutritional Therapy & Health Coaching – The Perfect Fusion

My approach is to understand holistically the people that I’m working with, be a bit of a detective to work out what’s going on for them and their health, get a plan of action together based on sound nutritional insight, but then most importantly COACH and SUPPORT them through making those changes.


So if you’re finding yourself stuck in a rut and not getting where you want to, getting support to help you achieve your goals is absolutely the way to go.


1-2-1 work is often most appropriate for those people with complex health conditions and are more comfortable in a 1-2-1 arrangement.


Group Programmes

There’s enormous power in a working within a group. Not only do you get the knowledge, insight and guidance from me, but you also get to be part of a group who are sharing experiences, supporting and lifting each other. It’s also a more cost effective way to get access to a professional, learn about a certain set of subjects and still do it in a way that’s right for you.

I’m working on a couple of Group Programmes right now which I’m looking to launch in the autumn. Exciting times!

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✨🌟 Try implementing a few of the following ideas into your day to see what effect they have. ✨🌟