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5 Amusing Surprises About Being An Author

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Happy 1st Birthday ‘Have It All Without Burning Out’

As I approach the first anniversary of the launch of my bestselling book ‘Have It All Without Burning Out’ I’m remembering with great fondness the huge amounts of support I received from my community. In fact, in this instance I can probably say ‘my tribe’ because that’s what it felt like – everyone had my back and was as determined for my book to be a resounding success as I was.

So, yes, a whole year has passed since my written offering to the world became available. It became an Amazon bestseller instantly and I was over the moon with that result (OK, that’s a bit of an understatement!). I ended up being featured in the media on the back of it, and there’s been a modest but steady stream of sales and loads of great feedback ever since.


The book now features on Waterstones – woo hoo!

More recently, and I mean in the last week, I’ve hit another milestone with the book. It’s now on Waterstones!!!

Now, when you’re a self-published author via Amazon, believe me, that’s a big deal. A really big deal. It means that your book is available in the more traditional publishing sector, which then opens up more channels and options. I’m chuffed to bits, and now that it’s available in that space, who knows what will happen next…


4 ways to get your hands on a copy

If you haven’t already picked up a copy, then now is the time. It’s now available as a Kindle e-book and a paperback via Amazon, a hardback via Waterstones, and if you want a signed copy direct from me, then just email me.

And if you want to know more about what the book is all about and the free resources I have to accompany it, then please click here.

But what I really wanted to tell you about was some of the things that have surprised me in the last year, in an amusing way. And I hope they bring a smile to you too.



5 Amusing Surprises About Being An Author


#1 People think you’re rich on royalties

This has made me giggle quite a lot. “Well, you’ve got your book now, so there’s nothing for you to worry about.” Meaning, you must be raking it in and why are you bothering working hard anymore.

Now before I got my head around what it takes to get a book out there, I must admit I didn’t really understand the dynamics involved, nor the finances. But be assured that when you self-publish your book you don’t expect a return on investment from book sales.


#2 People are snobs about self-publishing

Some people have definitely looked down their noses at the book. “But it’s not a published book, is it?” Meaning, you haven’t been picked up by a publishing house and therefore it won’t be very good. This always makes me smile because it’s only ever said by someone who hasn’t taken the time to write their own book …

Let’s face it, if we all sat around waiting for a publishing house to come along, we’d never get anywhere. Seize the moment and live your dreams instead – why not?


#3 Your friends start introducing you as an author

As you’re introduced to someone in the pub (you know, that pub we used to be able to go to and socialise), your friend says “this is Debs, she’s written a book you know”. Quite the conversation starter and I often think I should always have a supply with me to follow-up!

Whilst I can talk about my book with the pride I should in writing, I find it a lot more difficult in person, and the reality is that kind of introduction often leaves me squirming.


#4 A physical product always carries more interest

I’ve been doing what I do for years now. Fairly successfully and with great results. But it’s become clear to me that a physical product is more relatable than a set of services – it’s a much easier thing to talk about.

I can see the spark in someone’s eyes as they ask about my book, and then see them glaze over when I talk about my coaching work – products beat services hands down as a point of interest.


#5 People know more about you than you think

I know, I know, this sounds an obvious thing to say when part of my book is an account of my own story. But you do forget that (a) you’ve written all that stuff, and (b) that people have read it.

Honestly, it still catches me off guard. Yet it also allows me to lower my guard and engage in some meaningful conversations once I know they’ve had that glimpse of me through my book.


So, there you go, 5 things that have both amused and surprised me about being an author.


Has it opened your eyes to anything?


For more information about my book please click here to read more >>> Have It All Without Burning Out


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